The Father’s Resource Program

Father’s Resource Program

The Father’s Resource Program offers free services to parents and families in Douglas County. The program helps parents with completing pro se motions.

Common pro se court motions include child support modifications, establish custody motions, change of custody, and parenting time assistance motions. Pro se means that the individual represents themselves.  *Court forms and motion forms can also be found at

The Father’s Resource Program works with the parent to ensure that all paper work is completed correctly. The Father’s Resource Program doesn’t provide legal advice, but the program can help gather information to support the motion. All services are free, however, any court fees are the responsibility of the individual. The program can help clients apply for a court fee waiver which is based on income.

The Father’s Resource Program also organizes free law clinics for area parents and families to utilize. Volunteer attorneys and the Father’s Resource Program work together to offer free law clinics throughout the year. The Father’s Resource Program instructs and educates parents and families on area resources and services that may be of assistance to them.

Referral and information regarding other programs, services, and resources are a part of program case management.

For more information on the Father’s Resource Program, please contact Mikkel.

Mikkel Anderson
WCMCA Father’s Resource Program
809 Elm St
Alexandria, MN 56308

Phone:  320-762-3031
Fax:  320-762-3035



Father's Resource

Mikkel Anderson and Heather Molesworth receive Operation Round Up Grant for Fathers’ Resource Program.