PLUS Kids Program

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PLUS Kids is designed to provide a positive, neutral, and safe environment for the exchange or supervised visitation of children by separated parents in cases where visitation would otherwise be difficult due to issues of conflict or abuse.

Services offered help to prevent children from witnessing and/or experiencing unhealthy behaviors between family members.

The Services We ProvideProof

Supervised Parenting Time: PLUS Kids provides a warm, friendly place for parents who are in need of supervised visits with their child(ren) due to issues of conflict, safety and/or abuse can have parenting time in a safe and neutral setting.

Safe Exchanges: PLUS Kids provides a secure and neutral drop-off site where parents can be assured of a safe exchange of their children for visitation without having contact with one another.

Supervised Telephone Calls are telephone conversations between participants and children that are monitored by PLUS Kids staff.

Skype Visits: Skype’s video makes it simple to share experiences with the people that matter most to you, wherever they are. Custodial and non-custodial individuals may come to PLUS Kids to utilize this service.

Transitional Services: A transitional programming is provided in order for families to move through a series of services that build trust within a parent-child relationship while decreasing the amount of restrictions.

The goal of these services is to move families into a more normalized relationship with their children in an unsupervised setting.

Other Services Offered:

  • Advocacy for children
  • Self-care, parenting skill and child focused education to parents
  • Professional and dependable services
  • Typed and objective documentation of services rendered
  •  Private area for family with a kitchen and an outside play area
  •  Flexible weekday and weekend hours
  •  Sliding fee scale
  •  Activities for children from birth to 17 years
  •  A residential location, close to main highways
  •  Resources and referrals provided to parents who have identified areas in which they may need assistance
  •  Safety procedures in place through a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement, Douglas County and Heartland Security

For more information, please contact Heather Molesworth, Family & Community Services Director at 320-762-4100 or by email at

For information in regards to PLUS Kids please click on the public inquiry website using this link: