Lead Testing

Lead Testing Program

West Central MN Communities Action Lead Testing Program has Gene Wyttenback and Toby Weigand, Certified Lead Inspectors, to conduct lead testing using a new XRF machine. The goal of this program is to detect and help prevent exposure of children to a hazardous health-harming substance. Lead can have serious effects on all children, but most of all on children under the age of six. If your home was built before 1978, it has a higher chance of containing lead paint.

Steps you can take right now to protect your family from lead:

  • Make sure your young children wash their hands. The largest problem is not from eating paint chips, but from lead dust or bare soil contaminated by lead.
  • Regularly clean floors and window sills with a good cleaning solution.
  • Don’t use sandpaper or propane torches on painted surfaces that may contain lead.
  • A good healthy diet, low in fat, helps reduce the amount of lead absorbed into the system.

Gene Wyttenback or Toby Weigand, Certified Lead Inspectors from West Central MN Communities Action, will come to your home to conduct a lead inspection, which is a surface-by-surface testing for lead paint. They can also do a Lead Risk Assessment that tells you if there are any sources for serious lead exposure in and around your home.

For more information or prices to conduct lead testing, please contact Gene Wyttenback, WCMCA’s Certified Lead Inspector, by calling 218-685-7030 or 800-492-4805, Ext. 4.