West Central Minnesota Communities Action, Inc.
2017 Board of Directors and Consultants

Executive Committee

Teresa Gustafson, Chair
Donny Wohlers, Vice Chair
Al Glaeseman, Secretary
Dave Salberg, Treasurer

Audit Committee

Dave Salberg, Traverse County – Commissioner
Chad Van Santen, Fiscal Consultant
Owen Miller, Douglas County – Commissioner

Fiscal Committee

David Salberg, Traverse County – Commissioner
Marlene Cihlar, Pope County – Low-Income
Owen Miller, Douglas County – Commissioner
Michelle Rinke, Traverse County – Private
Donny Wohlers, Stevens County – Commissioner

Planning Committee

Al Glaseman, Douglas County –  Low-Income
Tammy Boushek, Douglas County – Private
Lara Dean, Grant County – Private
Michael Pattee, Pope County – Private

Personnel Committee

Keith Swanson, Grant County – Commissioner
Elisabeth Kirchner, Stevens County  – Private
Janel Mendoza, Stevens County – Low-Income
Cody Rogahn, Pope County – Commissioner


Linda Saari, Early Childhood Consultant
Justin Anderson, Legal Consultant
Chad Van Santen, Fiscal Consultant

The Board of Directors provides the continuity on which the organization is based. Individual members of the staff and the Board come and go, but the entity of the Board exists as long as the organization does. Individual members of the Board, together, form a corporate body that has the overall responsibility for the organization. Board members generally assume responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Attend Board meetings and know how to actively participate
  • Set policy and establish goals for the Agency
  • Provide guidance to the Executive Director
  • Maintain a proper relationship with staff
  • Ensure adequate financing of the Agency and see that money is responsibly spent
  • Actively support the Agency and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Make a written plan that outlines the long-term goals of the Agency

West Central MN Communities Action, Inc. governing documents, Conflict of Interest policy, and financial statements are available by contacting Missy Becker-Cook or Carol Boyer at 218.685.4486, Ext. 0.